Real Chess

Real Chess

Real Chess offers this classic game with 3D graphics and excellent gameplay
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Real Chess features this all-time classic game with great 3D graphics and excellent gameplay. Developed by Media Contact LLC, Real Chess is a great option among the great number of chess games available that besides has a freeware license.

We all know that chess is one of the most challenging strategy games ever, specially if you play against the computer! In spite of this, chess is such an addicting and entertaining game that you can play it hours and hours without even noticing it.

Real Chess offers excellent gameplay, with great 3D graphics and a nice set of colors, to let you fully enjoy the experience of playing this classic. The game runs really smoothly, and the movement and animation of the pieces is superbly done.

You can select between two game modes, one against the computer, and the other against another player. Its 3D graphics are great, with soft colors and two camera modes that gives you a better perspective of what is going on in the game, and cool sound effects. Real Chess is a must-have for all PC users.

Mariel Rearte
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