Poker Superstars

Poker Superstars

This game is based on the TV Series Poker Superstars Invitation Tournament
3.9  (14 votes)

Poker Superstars is based on the TV Series "Poker Superstars Invitation Tournament".
This game gives you hints and advices especially if you are a beginner and also if you are a good opponent to the experts players.

You will be able to play against eight poker champions at the same time.

Poker Superstars 2.2 is the second season of this great game! It raises the bid by adding more superstars and representing the greatest tournaments all over the world.
You can add your picture to become a real part of this game. You will feel as if you are playing right there with all your favorite stars.
With the Demo version you have a sixty minutes trial and you do not need to have credit card to play.

If you download the full version it is not necessary to have an internet connection available for playing.

Poker Superstars 2.2 can be bought for 19.95 USD. It is a real bargain taking into account that you would be able to play with stars and learn a lot of tricks needed to win in real life poker.

Review summary


  • Demo version
  • Great tournaments


  • Not so easy to play
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