Play a sports car game and win races
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It's a motorbike game where you select a bike type and compete in 3D races. There are three gameplay modes: Quick race, Career and New career. Play and get bonuses.

Motoracing is a PC game where you choose your favorite motorbike and try to win races.
The installation process of Motoracing is easy and can be performed even by amateur PC users. To run this game on your PC any additional software programs or special PC hardware are not required.

The main menu of the game is simple and consists of several buttons, which direct you to the game options, to the "Start a new career" menu or to the "Quick race" mode.

An important feature of Motoracing is that it allows you to customize its settings. Therefore, you are able to set up several video parameters, such as resolution and enable or disable graphics effects: shadows, glow and blur.

To start playing the game, just enter a name for your profile. A lot of fun and a wide collection of motorbikes are waiting for you.

Motoracing lets you choose from a large variety of bikes with different specifications and performance parameters. Take a look over all the bike models and choose the one that you think will help you win the race.

Motoracing has an amazing graphic interface with a lot of special effects and realistic nature landscapes. That's not all. You will be really impressed about how easily you can control the bike in order to keep the correct track. To make it even more challenging, the game offers interesting tricks like eliminating the opponents from their track or knocking the nearby enemies off the bike.

Motoracing is an addictive game recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy extreme motorbike races.

Josephine Seaman
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