Intel Processor Graphics Driver

Intel Processor Graphics Driver 38.15

Accelerates and optimizes graphics processing
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38.15.0 (See all)
Accelerate, optimize and improve graphics processing, media computing and display on the Intel hardware based on 22nm process technology with 3D Tri-Gate transistor. Improve graphical card performance simply by installing the appropriate driver package.

Intel Processor Graphics
Intel HD Graphics is the next-generation graphics technology available on the nextgeneration Intel micro-architecture codenamed Ivy Bridge. Based on the 22nm process technology with 3D Tri-Gate transistors, it provides improved graphics performance compared to the previous Intel® Celeron® processor-based platforms. It combines cutting-edge 3D graphics, improved HD visuals, advanced video capabilities and enhanced display connectivity all built-in to the processor without the need of a discrete graphics card. It integrates high-performance graphics and media processing on the processor, putting two key embedded application components – CPU processing and graphics – on a single chip.

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