Google Gmail Notifier

Google Gmail Notifier 1.0

Notifies the user about new emails
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Alerts you whenever a new email arrives in your inbox by changing its icon from the system tray. Supports proxy connections.

Gmail Notifier is a freeware by Google. It notifies the user about every new mail he/she received. It is packed inside gmailInstaller.exe which is a 299kb file certified by It is compatible with the operating systems Windows 2000 and Windows Xp.
The installation actually does not take much time and the application does not hog the resource at all; it runs silently in the background except for some occasional alerts pertaining to the mail. After installation the user needs to login into his/her account. In case the user is behind some firewall or proxy, that hinders the application from getting connected, the connection settings can be changed.
Gmail Notifier displays an icon on the system tray when it is running. It changes into an alert symbol every time you get an email in your account. It pops up a small box to display the details of the new email regarding the Sender, Subject and Snippets. This utility is useful for people who depend on their inbox content most of the time; it helps in settling Gmail as the default mail program, although it becomes redundant if GoogleTalk (Gtalk) is installed.

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  • Does not consume much memory


  • Occasionally disconnects from the server
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