Cake Shop 2

Cake Shop 2

Cake Shop 2 is an entertaining time management game
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Cake Shop 2 is an entertaining time management game.
The goal of this small game is to let you see how well you can manage your time when running a Cake shop. You earn money that you can use to buy equipment for your cafe and constantly develop it. As in the real world, the faster you earn money, the faster your business grows.
It has a colorful design that can be very appreciated by kids. Overall, the game comes with a nice layout.

First time users have the possibility to watch a small tutorial on how to bake and serve cakes to the clients. The game starts off easily and, as you progress, the number of clients and orders increases. A cake is made of three layers that you have to assemble in the right order, from the bottom layer to the top. Besides preparing cakes you will have to serve coffee, coke, popcorn and other meals and drinks. The faster you act on a customer order the bigger tip you get.

You might say that this game does not sound that hard, but if you will play it you will see that it can be overwhelming at one point.

Using this game you will enhance your ability to work in fast-paced way and learn how to manage your time better. This is great, especially for kids, because they will be able to learn how to run a cafe while playing this entertaining game.

Gaby Colette
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