Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

Help the Angry Birds get their precious eggs back
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The pigs have stolen the Angry Birds' eggs and have fled into space. Follow them in an epic 300 level adventure and enjoy catapulting birds in a low-gravity environment.

Angry Birds Space is a new version of the classic game Angry Birds. In this version there are new worlds to explore always in the fight against the famous green pigs. At the beginning, the green pigs travel from space while the angry birds pursue them and fight them since they have stolen their precious eggs.

The trial version includes about 23 free worlds that you can play unlimitedly for one hour after which the game will request the registration of the product.

This is not a typical Angry Birds game. This time the pigs have more protection and they are shielded by wood, rocks, and other elements. And apart from that, they're also protected by the atmosphere of the planet where they're standing.

If you're familiar with this game you'll know that the birds are thrown at the pigs using a slingshot, most of the time you just have to care about the angle and the speed. But in this version you also have to think about the atmosphere and how to pass through it while keeping enough speed to hit the pigs.

Even if it sounds a bit complicated, it's actually easier than the classic version because once a bird enters the orbit of the planet, it'll keep rotating around it until it hits the pigs, giving you a very high chance of success with a simple shot. Your task as always is to hit all the evil green pigs and leave no one alive.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Very pretty graphics and a very dynamic game
  • Good background sound
  • Lots of worlds to explore


  • In this free version there is a game time limit of one hour
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